Car importers, Leasing companies

Mystery shopping

Because of stabilized purchasing power, total automobile sales cannot increase significantly in the Czech Republic. That is why a high-quality sales team, able to recognize and satisfy customers’ needs, is becoming a key to success.

In a consumer survey, 50 % of respondents said that only 10 % of salespeople met their expectations.

Based on our knowledge of different ways of selling cars, we know that determining the skills and abilities of individual salespeople and sales teams requires, from the project administrators, personal experience with buying and selling cars and an understanding of the different requirements of various types of customers. The project administrators are always employees of Aaron & Bradfield, s.r.o., who have personal experience with buying and selling cars, which significantly facilitates the presentation of results to the monitored salespeople.

With respect to the differences among sales processes in specific areas of sales, which the customer wishes to determine, we prepare a list of evaluated areas and the customer’s profile for each individual project.

For example:

  • new vehicles – individual sales
  • new vehicles – fleet sales
  • new vehicles – VIP clients
  • used vehicles
  • maintenance and repair services
In the next step, the extent of mystery shopping is agreed on. For example:
  • only telephone contact
  • only contact through internet/e-mail
  • a personal visit to the store
  • maintaining contact with the customer
  • a sales visit to the customer’s place of business
Aaron & Bradfield does not hire other agencies for the projects and does not train external employees!
From the collected data, a final report is prepared containing all information about each individual salesperson’s achieved results and also a comprehensive graphic representation of the level of sales and attitude to customers in individual monitored areas, including any statistics and recommendations for further development. The final report is personally presented to the client. While presenting the monitored salespeople’s achieved results, we are naturally available to the client.